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Sistemista solaris


Oct 2016 – now                                                IBM                                                             Luxembourg

 Unix System Engineer/System Archtect

 Unix System Engineer (infrastructure Solaris&Linux/operational/migration/deployment)

ITIL, Oracle solaris platforms migration

Solaris(8-9-10-11.3)/linux (RHEL 6.x/7.x)

Cloud deploy (openstack based)

VM/containers deployment (openstack/salt)

Virtualization/containers (zones/Logical domains/docker)

Zfs/veritas (FS/VM)/LVM

Cloud/clustering (Openstack/suncluster/VCS)

Security Vulnerabilities/patching/DR plans setup

CMDB/CI/Monitoring (Nagios)

Configuration tools (Salt/Puppet)

Shell scripting/Perl/Python/R

Oracle/sybase RDBMS support

Migration NIS to LDAP

TADDM/Snow/Bigfix/AD-Ldap/ITM monitoring

Salt (config tool/cloud deploy)/IBM cloud

Jan 2016 – Sep 2016                                         ASML                                                       Eindhoven NL

 Unix Infrastructure Expert/Devops

 Unix System Engineer (infrastructure solaris/linux)

Linux support (RHEL 6.x/7.x)

CD/CI (Jenkins)

Solaris(8-9-10-11.x)/linux (RHEL)

System Patching (solaris/linux)

Vulnerabilities/Scanning strategies

Virtualization suites/Cloud (Openstack based)

Security/Monitoring tools (patches/vulnerabilities)

Configuration (Puppet)

Migration Nis to Ldap (PKI and SSL/TLS)

Migration planning/secure patching (Solaris and Linux)

Shell scripting/Perl/Python/R

ITIL expert/production support (CMDB/ServiceNow/ITGuardian)

Monitoring (Nagios)

Jul 2015 – Dec 2015                                       Novartis                                                            Prague CZ

 Disaster Recovery expert/Cloud expert 

Architect/System Engineer (OSS/Infrastructure4GlobalDC)

DR test plans description and implementation.

IT Business continuity/IT Service Continuity (BIA)

Virtualization/Cloud (vSphere/ESXi) based on  “Convergent” Architecture (VCE VBlock/SRM)

Veritas Netbackup

AWS POC lab (cloud infrastructure TestLab)         

Linux/Unix (RHEL6-7/Solaris10/IBM Linux/AIX) support

Networking and security

RDBMS and NoSql

Monitoring tools/ config tools (puppet)/devops

Shell scripting/Perl/Python/R

Jun 2014 – Jun 2015                                    Ericsson                                                    Herzogenrath  D

 Cloud Architect (POC/European TestLab) 

Cloud (ECS) system engineer (Openstack Havana-Icehouse-Juno/Mirantis Fuel)

OS images/Networking/Storage/Security/Orchestration (Linux based)

HA/clustering (Linux/Solaris)

AWS TestLAb (internal nd 3rd parties applications deploy&certification)


Configuration tools (Puppet)

Middleware (Oracle WLS/JBoss)


Shell scripting (Shell/Perl/Python)

Linux/solaris/VMWare Virtualization, deployments (PXE/ MirantisFuel/Openstack)

Xtreme Switches Brocade Switches

SAN EMC storage


Monitoring (Zabbix/OpenNMS)

Oct  2012 – May 2014                                          IBM                                                      Amsterdam  NL

 Unix SE – Production migration achitect

 DC production (Solaris/AIX/IBM Linux).

Migration plan Unix Solaris/AIX to IBM Linux

Infrastructure migration plans (infrastructure/storage/network/security)

Migration Nis to Ldap with encryption (SSH/SSL/PKI)

Tuning and performance support  

Shell scripting (sh/ksh/bash)/Perl/Python

linux (RH/IBM) Solaris 8/9/10 administration, Linux/solaris patching, OSS, virtualization (zones, branded zones, containers, Ldoms, OVM)/ZFS/Veritas/LVM

Networking, VPN/Tunneling, storage

Tivoli based backup/EMC networker

HA (SunCluster 3.x/4.x,Linux)

Oracle rdbms

Middleware support (WLS, Jboss, Websphere), Java VMs

Linux kickstart, Linux RH satellite

DC Monitoring (ITM)

Incidents/problems/changes (Prisma)

POC lab for Bigdata/DWH (Hadoop with Hbase/Pig/Hive) as alternative to Teradata

Nov 2011 – Sep 2012                                      Novartis VD                                                       Siena Italy

 IT infrastructure/System Engineer

 DC Server migration/consolidation project

Level III operational support on system support and critical applications.

New systems installation and delivery, system patching

Scripting (Unix Shells/Perl)

Application support and compliancy

Infrastructure management tools (Puppet based)

DC Migration support (“Connect” project)

System engineer/OSS (Unix Solaris/AIX/Linux, MSWin7)

Middleware support (Oracle)

Virtualization (vSphere/OVM)

Apr 2011– Oct 2011                                              MTN                                                       Lagos Nigeria

 IT Infrastructure/System Engineer 

DC infrastructure and virtualization

Migration infrastructure (Solaris based P2V)

System Consolidation and DC automation tools

Middleware support (WLS), Java VMs

Performance/monitoring (Nagios)

Scripting (shells/Perl)

Unix:Solaris 10 (F15/25k, M5k/9k- Zones&Ldom)

Security (FW, VPN, SSH tunnels)

Oracle rdbms (Oracle 11)

Linux support (RHEL)

Storage support (HDS)

Netbackup support

Veritas/Symantec VxFS support/VxVM

Patching (LiveUpgrade).

Sep 2010- Mar 2011                                         HCL Europe                                                     Rome Italy

 IT Infrastructure manager 


Unix Solaris 10/HP-Ux/IBM Linux

Sun Cluster 3.2/HP ServiceGuard 

Oracle rdbms

Middleware support (Jboss and WLS)

SAN Storage – Netbackup support

VMware support-HP Ovo/monitoring/ITIL/Asset manager

  Jan 2010- July 2010                                 Expedia/Venere                                Rome/Phoenix, Italy/Usa

 System Eng/DC migration/infrastructure

Solaris 10 support (zones/containers)

Symantec/Veritas Netbackup support

Linux support (RHEL4-5.x)

Sun Cluster 3.2 and Sybase ASE 15

Jun 2008 – Dec 2009                              HVB/Unicredit Bank                                        Munich, Germany

 Solaris System Eng/Proj. Man. 

Sol10 (Virtualization/Zoning/Containers/Zfs/Ldoms)/Linux/IBM Unix (Aix 5.x, 6.0)

Sun Cluster 3.2/3.1, VCS 4.x/5.x.

Veritas VM/SVM & Sun VM (/SDS/ODS)

Jan 2007 – Apr 2008                              Amadeus Gmbh                                              Munich, Germany

 Solaris System Engineer

 Unix Operational support (MS/Unix/Linux)/Application support (CRM/Billing)

Sun Enterprise server (Sunfire 12K)

Sun Cluster 3.1/Vcs 5.x/Veritas VM

Nov 2003 – Dec 2006                        TIM/Telecom Italia                                                Rome, Italy 

Senior system engineer

 Sun servers admin Solaris/IBM AIX/HP-Ux

(Aix 4.3 on RISC6000 based/5.3 on P-series/ HP-Ux 11

Sun Cluster 2.2/3.0/3.1

Aug 2001 – May 2002                      T-Systems/D-Telekom                          Darmstadt, Germany 

UNIX Solaris Sen. Engineer


Solaris 2.6-8/Enterprise E10K/6500 support/Linux

Veritas V.M., Veritas F.S.

Sun Cluster 2.2, Veritas Cluster

Jun 1999 – Jul 2001                       BLU spa/Lucent Tech Italia                                    Rome, Italy

 UNIX Solaris Sen. Engineer/Team Leader

 CLARIFY ,ARBOR/OM-BP, COMPTEL, BEA Tuxedo, Netscape NES/NAS, SAP basis support

Solaris 2.6-7, E10K, Storage, Raid, Veritas V.M., Veritas F.S., Sun Cluster 2.2, Legato/Oracle rdbms

May 1998-May 1999                      UBS/WDR Bank/PerotSystems               Zurich, Switzerland

 UNIX Sys Engineer/Y2k support

 UBS y2k test center,  UNIX/DBA support (sybase)

Solaris 2.6, Veritas V.M., Veritas F.S.

Veritas Netbackup, Nis, Dns, Nfs, 

May 1997-May 1998                            ESA ESOC/Tecnodata                     Darmstadt, Germany

 UNIX Solaris/HP-Ux Engineer

 Infrastructure Unix support as System engineer

Cassini/Huyghens (Nasa JPL/ESA on Titan)/Sun/HP/Arianne II (ESA vector).

May 1988-May 1997                        ELEA/Olivetti Spa             Ivrea/Florence/Rome/Milan, Italy

 UNIX IT Engineer/Project manager 

LSX 3xxx based on Olivetti X/os

At&t Unix Sys V Rel 3.x/4

Pyramid/Dcosx – Sco Unix/Xenix/OpenDesktop

Oracle/TCP/Ip, Lan Manager.

 Education and Post Doctorate

Geological (Geophysics) Science Master Degree at University of Pisa – Italy 1988 with final

      grade  102/110 – Gravity map of Central Italy. Definition of a 3D Data Model.

High School Diploma (Liceo Scientifico II) in Pisa (PI), on 1980, final grade 42/60.


·           Italian: native

·           English: good knowledge

·           French/Spanish/German/Dutch: basic knowledge

Professional Experience in Brief

·           System Engineering roles (Infrastructure/DC migration/Application migration)

·           Cloud infrastructure IAAS/PAAS (Openstack/Mirantis/AWS/RH-Openshift/Saltstack)

·           Visualization (different dashboards/tools)/security(keystone) /deployment (nova)/imaging (glance) /network (neutron) /storage (cinder)

·           IT Technical operational support (ITIL/incidents/changes/problems)

·           Unix/Linux (MS W2K3-8-12, Linux/RHES 5/6/7.x/Debian/IBM linux/Oracle Linux Ubuntu/ScientificLinux/Oracle Solaris 8-9-10-11.3/Aix 4-5-6.x/Hp-Ux 11.x) sysadmin

·           Devops (tools/scripting)

·           Virtualization (solaris zones/LDoM/Kzones/KVM/VSphere/HyperV,Oracle VM/Docker)

·           Consolidation, Deployment, Integration/Service delivery

·           Scripting (Unix Shell/Perl/R/Javascript/Python)

·           BigData (Teradata, Apache Hadoop2, MapR/Spark)

·           FS/VM support (Linux/Solaris/Veritas)

·           HA/Clustering support (Linux/Solaris/Veritas)

·           IT Networking/LAN/WAN/VPN/SMTP/SNMP

·           Security/Vulnerability/PKI, DRP, SSL and SSH infrastructure setup/Ldap/Nis/Nis+

·           SAN/NAS Storage support

·           Network management/Monitoring/Deployment/Development Tools

·           Tuning/Performanc

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