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Cyber Security


Le mie competenze comprendono la maggior parte degli strumenti assistiti da computer necessari per SOC (Security Operation Center) e MSS (Managed Security Services). Ho +8 anni di esperienza in questo settore e ho lavorato con molte grandi aziende e progetti. Adattarsi in modo efficiente alle situazioni in costante cambiamento che si presentano nel corso di un progetto e gestirle in modo efficiente.

A Senior Full Cyber Security with knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to IT management, security and infrastructure
activities, generating value and security for the business.
A Specialist in consulting Protection, EndPoint Protection, Vulnerability analysis, MSS (Managed Security Services) and
SOC (Security Operation Center).
• More than 8 years of Cyber Security Analyst, working in MSS and SOC operations.
• Providing security consulting of many large companies.
• Strong experience in Projects of Security TI.
• Skills to plan, execute and manage security projects.
• Leadership Experience: Proven experience Strong mentoring teams on a number of Major Transformation
• Excellent at problem-solving and identifying the root cause of the problems.
• Proficient at providing effective solutions and grasping complex technical issues

✓ Malicious Document Analysis – 2018
✓ Certification ITIL v3
✓ Course Microsoft 6425 – Active Directory and Management of Windows Server 2008 R2
✓ Course Microsoft 6421A – Network infrastructure Windows Server 2008 R2
✓ Certification SOPHOS SEC e SGN
✓ Certification Mcafee (Management Services Endpoint Security 2016)
✓ Certification Trend
✓ Certification Cylance
✓ Certification Splunk
✓ Network Knowledge
✓ Programming Java
✓ FTK, InCase and others Forencic Programs
✓ Office suite, Advanced Excel and Intermediate Project, Adobe and Corel Draw, advanced.

Netsafe December 2016 – Current position
Senior Full Cyber Security
Netsafe is one of the largest companies in Brazil that specializes in the development of management software.
• Working in SOC (Secuity Operation Center), MSS (Managed Security Services) managing
environments of several large corporations, providing security consulting.
• Acting mainly in Endpoint solutions and working with various technologies (Antivirus, AntiSpam,
Vulnerability Management, DLP, Encryption, Proxy, Firewall, IPS, among others), analyse security
• Exercise the role of on-caller.
• Technical team leader.
• Acting as presales, I developed new product for company, helping and optimizing sales.

Automatos February 2011 – December 2016
Senior Full Cyber Security
Automatos is an international Company, specializing development of IT management solutions and Security Service
• Acting in the SOC (Secuity Operations Center), MSS (Managed Security Services) Acting mainly in Endpoint
solutions and working with various technologies (Antivirus, AntiSpam, Vulnerability Management, DLP,
Encryption, Proxy, Firewall, IPS, among others).
• Exercise the role of on-caller.
• Award Received Featured 2014 for teamwork.

RIC_Record January 2009 – January 2011
Systems Analyst
Ric/Record is second largest companies in Brazil that produces and generates content with broadcast via TV, Radio and
• Working in the technical support, servers, networks and computers of the state in Santa Catarina.
• Coordinating and planning the IT infrastructure of the station.
• Participated in TOTVS ERP deployment and deployment and support of classified software

Instituto Mapa June 2008 – November 2008
Analyst Data Processing
Instituto Mapa is reference in Brazil in research and data processing.
• Responsible for generating documents, reports, presentations of Dig Data results of market research
and policy.
• Coordinator CPD, technical support, responsible for the Helpdesk, maintenance of the machine park,
and support to the users.

Printstudio July 2005 – March 2007
Service Supervisor
Printstudio a printing company specializing in printing in various formats.
• Supervisor acting in the coordination of work and operation of the company, attending graphic
• Invited by the owner to assist in structuring the company's service.

Duplic Digital July 2005 – March 2007
Print Analyst
Duplic Digital is the major graphic company in the city.
• Production of graphic material and developing the function of Technical support and secondly
Service Manager, Acted in the coordination and maintenance of software and hardware,
• Implementation of large format printing system project.

✓ IPOG – Post-Graduation in Forensic Computing and Digital Expertise – 480 hours – Conclusion 2020.
✓ Introduction to Criminalistics and Forensic Computing;
✓ Introduction to Legal Aspects of Forensic Computing;
✓ Topics in Operating Systems;
✓ Integral Development of Human Potential;
✓ Forensic Analysis of the LINUX Operating System;
✓ Forensic Analysis of the Windows Operating System;
✓ Media Analysis Using FTK I Forensic Tool;
✓ Media Analysis Using FTK II Forensic Tool;
✓ Media Analysis Using Free Software;
✓ Forensic Analysis Practice I;
✓ Forensic Analysis Practice II;
✓ Location Analysis on the World Wide Web;
✓ Traffic Analysis and Packet Capture;
✓ Cryptography and Cryptoanalysis;
✓ Introduction to Forensic Image Processing I;
✓ Introduction to Forensic Image Processing II;
✓ Handheld and Mobile Computing Equipment Analysis;
✓ Advanced Topics in Computer Forensics.
✓ SENAC – Post-Graduation in Information Security – 360 hours – Conclusion 08/2014.

Information security
✓ Information Security Topics – 32 hours
✓ Computer Network Security – 32 hours
✓ Cloud and Wireless Security – 32 hours
✓ Course Conclusion Paper I: Methodology – 16 hours
Information Organization
✓ Information Security Standards, Standards and Policy – 32 hours
✓ Audit and Access Control – 40 hours
✓ Computer Forensics and Encryption – 32 hours
✓ Course Completion Paper II: Development – 16 hours
Information Security Management
✓ Project Management in Information Technology – 40 hours
✓ Information Technology Security and Infrastructure Management – 40 hours
✓ Risk Management and Business Continuity – 32 hours
✓ Course Completion Paper III: Consolidation – 16 hours

✓ SENAC – Graduation in Information Technology Management – 2.016 hours – Conclusion 06/2009.
✓ Systems Analysis – 72 hours
✓ Management Essentials – 72 hours
✓ Introduction to Service Science – 72 hours
✓ Research, Technology and Society – 72 hours
✓ Information Technology – 72 hours
✓ Integrator Project I: Diagnostic Services – 72 hours
✓ Systems Development – 72 hours
✓ Service Design and Engineering – 72 hours
✓ Ethics, Citizenship and Sustainability – 72 hours
✓ Financial Management of Information Technology – 72 hours.
✓ Information Technology Infrastructure – 72 hours
✓ Integrator Project II: Information Technology Services Design – 36 hours
✓ Corporate Communication – 72 hours
✓ Information Technology Service Management – 72 hours
✓ Project Management – 72 hours
✓ Software Quality – 72 hours
✓ Management Information Systems – 72 hours
✓ Integrator Project III: Implementation of Information Technology Projects – 36 hours
✓ Digital Law – 36 hours
✓ Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creative Economy – 72 hours
✓ Information Technology Governance – 72 hours
✓ Process Modeling – 72 hours
✓ Information Technology Service Management Templates – 72 hours
✓ Leadership and Negotiation Techniques in Information Technology – 72 hours
✓ Integrator Project IV: Information Technology Services Development – 36 hours
✓ Service Oriented Architecture – 72 hours
✓ Project Office – 72 hours
✓ Information Technology Governance Models – 72 hours
✓ Information Systems Security and Auditing – 72 hours
✓ Integrator Project V: Implementation of Information Technology Governance Models – 72 hours
✓ UFSC – College of Application – High School – Conclusion 2004.
✓ Curso de inglês: CNA and Main Street – period 1999 until 2004, 2015 until 2016

Portuguese Native
English Proficient
Italian Proficient


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