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Data Scientist


I am an Italian geophysicist currently employed in “Fugro Italy”, Rome, Italy, with 17 years of experience in various areas of geophysical data processing and 7 year as Manager of Seismic processing Department. My main duties were processing of geophysical data for subsurface imaging for engineering and oil&gas clients. I am looking for new challenging career opportunities and I would like to apply as Data Scientist

In Jan-May 2020 I have attended a course with Geeks Academy about Elastic Search and MongoDB, Python (Machine Learning ) and Data Science analysis. At the present I am practicing Hadoop, Sparks and Cloudera platform for Geospatial applications.


I have been working as Processing Coordinator in Fugro Italy , Rome since July 2012. Main task is the Seismic data processing, on board and in office. My duty is also to managing , planning and supervising the people and the project onshore and offshore as follow:

  • I actively support estimating, planning, mobilization, execution and successful closure of projects with Clients in Europe, Middle East, Africa and others. Key aspect of my duties was to develop, implement, and maintain a detailed project work plan .

  • Manage the team assigned to the project and to balance scope, schedule, budget, quality, and risks.

  • Taking care of deadlines and deliverables and keep all involved stakeholders on schedule is imperative for my role

  • Performe in depth research and assess new innovations and strategy.

  • Participate and lead project meetings.

  • Maintain relationship with clients and project stakeholders.

In Fugro Oceansismica, from 2008 up to 2014 I was also an onboard processor for offshore surveys I worked for several major clients like Exxon, BP, BG, Total, Shell, among others

From Mar 2005 to Mar 2007 I worked at Department of Earth Sciences in Cambridge (UK) as research fellow and I’ve already worked at Department of Earth Sciences in Birmingham (2003-2005) as research fellow in a project for processing different kind of geophysical data .

I obtained a B.Sc. with honour in Geology in 1997 and Ph.D. in Geophysics in Italy at “Federico II” University in Naples in 2003. The Ph.D project carried out a combined seismic inversion methods applied to volcanic soils

Experience includes seismic processing and field acquisition and good skill in software development in UNIX environment (C and Unix shell script) and several scientific algorithms from signal data processing to inversion of scientific dataset

2000-2003 Ph. D. in Geophysics and Vulcanology. Department of Geophysics and Vulcanology.
University of Federico II, Naples, Italy :
– Course work in general geophysics, mathematics, numerical methods, and computational methods.
– Research project development of geophysical methods based on 2D shallow refraction
tomography and Multichannel analysis of Surface Waves
2000 M.Sc. in Volcanology and Geophysics at Osservatorio Vesuviano Naples, Italy. Thesis in
reprocessing of seismic multichannel data of Phlaegrean Field (Naples, South Italy)
1998 Certificate of qualification of professional geologist in Italy.
1997 Faculty of Geological Science, “Federico II” University, Naples, Italy
B.Sc. in Geology with highest honors. Graduate geological field thesis (Shallow seismic
reflection applied to buried cavity in urban volcanic areas).

Employment: Jul 2008 – Present:
Seismic processing manager in FOSPA supervising and
training a team of 8 geophysicis for processing in shore
and offshore.
QC & Processing on board for Well site and 2D seismic
data: Clients: Total, Exxon , BP,BG, Nexen

Coordinator of seismic processing group in FOSPA
supervising and training a team of 5 geophysicis for
processing in shore and offshore.
QC & Processing on board for “Well Site” and 2D seismic
Offshore jobs

2008-2019: Onboard seismic processor worldwide for different local Oil Gas Client: British Petroleum,
Exxon ( Black sea and Moscow). Beach Petroleum ( Tanganika lake, Tanzania ). Petronas (Caspian sea ):
BG ( Mediterranean sea and North sea ). Shell ( Caspin sea ). Total ( Caspian sea ):Canadian Geological
Survey ( Labrador sea).
Oct 07 – Jun 08 Geophysicist at GGS Spectrum (UK): 2D time processing

Apr 2005- mar2007
Research Fellow at University of Cambridge (UK), Department of Earth Sciences. Project:
”Seismic characterization of Faroe basalt with VSP and land seismic data”.

Oct 2003- mar 2005
Research Fellow at University of Birmingham (UK), Department of Earth Sciences. Project:
2D Pwave and Swave traveltime inversion

1997-1998; 2003 Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Federico II, Naples, Italy. Position:
Collaborationist in research and scientific activitie.

Computer Knowledge:
– High experience with Windows and Unix operating systems (Linux,Solaris,Digital Unix).
– Unix shell script (awk,sed).
– Strongly working knowledge Linux and C Shell, Installation and setup of Linux
workstation, Seismic processing packages Uniseis, Promax. Microsoft Office Word
and Excel, Mathlab, R, Python, MySql.
Scientific Knowledge:
Seismic reflection, Ray tracing tomography. Digital Signal Processing, LSTQ
inversion, digital signal deconvolution and migration

Jan March 2020 Course with Geeks Academy about Python (TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas,
Mathplotlib) Elastic Search and MongoDB

Languages Skills: Italian mother tongue. Fluent in oral and written English.

2019 Health and Safety
Survival, fire fighting & HUET / Opito.

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– **** G., White R.S., Worthington M.H.,Andersen M.S. & Seifaba Group The seismic response of Faroe
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refraction tomography: Vp and Vs estimation in pyroclastic soils.” 65 EAGE Conference & Exhibition,
Norvay,2-5 June,2003.
– **** G., Bruno P.P.G., Di Fiore V., Rapolla A. (2003) Characterization of shallow volcanoclastic deposits by turning ray seismic tomography: an application to urban enviroments in Naples area (South Italy). Journ. of Applied Geoph. N.52. 11, 2002

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