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Certified Oracle Administrator



    • Having 10+ years of productive experience as Certified Oracle Administrator.
    • Having 5+ years of productive experience as SQL Server Database Administrator
    • Hands-on experience in Configuring High Availability (HA) Solutions such as  RAC & Data Guard, Database Backup and Recovery using various methods such as RMAN, custom scripts, third Party tools such as VERITAS, Data Protector, Performance Tuning of large Databases, Developing Custom Jobs using Shell scripts, Data Loading using  SQL*Loader, Logical Backup & Restore using exp/imp & Data Pump utilities.
    • Hands-on experience in developing PL/SQL procedures, triggers, packages, PL/SQL and UTL_FILES package to automate and administrate Databases 
    • Hands-on experience in installation and configuring Microsoft SQL SERVER, SQL Cluster. 
    • Hands on experience in SSIS and SSRS
    • Hands-on experience Monitoring and Scheduling Database Activities using OEM and Oracle Grid Control.
    • Working experience on Oracle EXADATA Database Administration.
    • Hands on Experience in Denodo Data Virtualisation Installation and Administration 
    • Hands on Experience in Mark Logic No-SQL database installation and Administration
    • Hands on Experience in AWS-RDS system 
    • Working experience on both OLTP and DSS systems.


 • Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Electronic and Communication Engineering (E.C.E) from J.N.T.U University., India.

Technical skills
Operating Systems            : UNIX (Solaris, AIX)/Linux, Windows.
RDBMS                    : Oracle 8i/9i/10g/11g PL/SQL and SQL SERVER.
Data Virtualisation             : Denodo
No-SQL                    : Mark Logic
Cloud Technologies            : Amazon Web Services
Infrastructure Tools            : Splunk, Oracle Cloud Control. 

    • Working with Delta Technology Pvt. Ltd. as Sr. Oracle DBA from June 2014 to till date.
    • Worked with BT Global Solutions Singapore as System Consultant from June 2012 to March 2014.
    • Worked with K-Soft Technologies Sdn. Bhd. as Senior Oracle DBA from May 2010 to May 2012.
    • Worked with IGNUS systems Pvt. Ltd. as Oracle DBA from November 2007 to April 2010. 
    • Worked with FLEXE-SOURCE Pvt. Ltd as Oracle Developer, Associate DBA from July 2006 to October 2007. 

Professional Summary (Clients): 

DELTA Technology Pvt Ltd.
Client         : Republic Services, Inc. (RSI).
Role        : Senior DBA
Duration    : June/2014 – till date
Environment    : Oracle 11gR2 and 12c , SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012, 2016, Denodo Data Virtualisation, Mark Logic No-SQL
Operating System: Windows and RHEL.

 Republic Services, Inc is a waste management company. Republic is second largest non-hazardous solid waste management company in the United States.

Roles and Responsibilities: – 
    • Co-ordinate with core infrastructure team to ensure readiness of databases, prepare requirement document.
    • Perform periodic analysis on the resource utilization, ensure adequate capacity planning is carried out for databases.
    • Manage the Development/SIT/UAT/Production environment database setups.
    • Prepare and simulate disaster recovery for the managed applications.
    • Ensure proper documentation of processes & maintain KOP
    • Automate monitoring / enable alert configuration for databases.
    • Programing and tuning application task trough PL/SQL programing and using UTL_FILE packages.
    • Providing out-off box solutions for application task by designing stored procedures, packages and incorporated with power shell scripts 
    • Installing and Configuring Cluster Databases for SQL Server.
    • Installing and configuring drivers for cross database data access from Oracle, DB2 and AS400 to SQL Server.
    • Reported Bug’s and applying recommended patches for the bug.
    • Creating Automated power shell scripts for data cleansing and purging old trace files to accommodate more space for disk.
    • Designed Automated Switch schema process using Data pump incorporated with procedures and scripts
    • Installed and Configured Denodo 
    • Installed and Configured Mark Logic

BT Global Solutions (Singapore).
Client         :     NSPM (Novartis Singapore Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing), CIBA Vision
Role         :    System Consultant
Duration    :    June 2012 – March 2014
Environment    :    Oracle 10gR2/9i, SQL Server 2008R2, Windows 2003R1, HP-UX, RHEL
        NSPM is lead manufacturing unit for Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Singapore. CIBA Vision is a manufacture unit for Contact Lenses for Novartis which is subsidiaries of Novartis International.

Key Achievements:- 
    • Configured and supporting Oracle 10gR2 RAC on windows 2003R1.
    • Recovered database as before the data loss due to application bug.
    • Improvise database performance using database performance tuning tools like statspack, AWR, ASH reports.
    • Managing backups and performing recovery time objectives.
    • Housekeeping application archive data.
    • Managing RAC Services, adding additional Vote disk, mirroring OCR.  
    • Installed and configured monitoring tools like Nagios for Oracle and Linux services. 
    • Managing the application table data for replicating through 3rd party tools.
    • Developed the customized scripts for monitoring the database and application.   
    • Developed and schedule the customized scripts for backup.
    • Scheduling the job for stored procedures which will purge the historical data for reporting purpose and no longer needed in OLTP environment. 
    • Pro-active database health check and detailed report preparation.

BT Global Solutions (Singapore).
Client         :     ETIHAD Airways
Role         :    System Consultant
Duration    :    June 2012 – March 2014
Environment    :    SQL Server 2008R2, Windows 2008R2 and Verint.
        Etihad Airways is the flag carrier airline of the United Arab Emirates. This project involves supporting Customer services. BT Established the Environment for ETIAHD server which supporting using Verint Application. Verint Software is used to record customer call recording and agents workforce organisation.

Key Achievements:- 
    • Installed and Configured SQL server 2008R2 for Verint Application requirements.
    • Scheduled Jobs for Application databases.
    • Configured and scheduled backup jobs for all application and server databases.
    • Configured and Scheduled Tlog backups for application databases based on recovery objective.
    • Reported and involved in troubleshooting high CPU usage due to application bug.
    • Actively participated in application bug reporting and end support regarding database performance
    • Housekeeping application archive data.
    • Managing Application Services using Watchdog monitoring tool provided by Verint Application. 
    • Developed and schedule the customized scripts for backup.
K-Soft Technologies Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia.
Client         :    Q-cells Sdn. Bhd. 
Role         :    Senior Oracle DBA
Duration    :    May 2010 – May 2012
Environment    :    Oracle 11gR2 RAC/ASM, SQL Server 2008, AIX 6.1

    Q-Cells engage worldwide in the development, manufacture, and marketing of solar cells, solar modules, and photovoltaic systems to module manufacturers. The company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.

Key Achievements:-
    • Installed and configured Oracle 11gR2 RAC on IBM-AIX 6.1.
    • Migrated database to ASM file system.
    • Migrated database from single instance to RAC database.
    • Interpreted and modified shell script for automatic creating table partition and deleting old partitions in regular interval of time.
    • Configured Oracle Streams with Production databases to Reporting databases. 
    • Configured and tuning the Oracle database with the CAMSTAR application.
    • Managing the application tables while installing and running the application.
    • Developed the customized scripts for monitoring the database and application.   
    • Developed and schedule the customized scripts for backup.
    • Defining the metric values for job scheduled jobs.
    • Performance analysis using ADDM and AWR reports.   
    • Involved and implemented automated Backup and Recovery strategy using RMAN.
    • Databases refresh using RMAN and EXPORT and IMPORTS.
    • Optimized init.ora parameters to best utilize the system’ resources.
    • Performed Data transfer and migration using Oracle utilities Sql*loader, Export/Import.
K-Soft Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
Client         :    Bursa Malaysia, ING Insurance, YTL Communications, PDRM. 
Role         :    Oracle Technical Consultant
Duration    :    May 2010 – May 2012
Environment    :    Oracle 11gR1/ASM RAC, 11gR2/ASM RAC, Oracle 10gR2, SQL Server 2008.
            AIX 6.1, RHEL5, Solaris, VERITAS. 

 ING Insurance Berhad (ING Insurance) is part of the ING Group, a global financial institution offering banking, investments with a workforce of about 105,000 people.
Bursa Malaysia is Malaysia’s capital markets, operating and regulating the country’s sole stock exchange. There are over 900 companies and products listed on Bursa Malaysia’s Main Board or the ACE Market.
YTL Communications is Malaysia’s leading Broad Band Service provider. It’s providing broad band services to million customers in Malaysia. Its predominated successful product YES introduced 4G broad band services in Malaysia. 

Key Achievements:-
    • Installed and Configured Oracle 11gR2 RAC for BURSA Malaysia.
    • Configured DR solution by RAC to Single Instance Data Guard for BURSA Malaysia. 
    • Upgrade Oracle 11gR1 RAC to Oracle 11gR2 including Grid Infrastructure and Database.
    • Installed and Configured Oracle 10gR2 database on SOLARIS PDRM.
    • Configured ACTIVE-PASSIVE configuration using SUN cluster for single node configuration.
    • Upgrade Oracle 8i to Oracle 10gR2 for PDRM.
    • Installed and Configured Oracle 10gR2 for YTL communications on RHEL.
    • Downgraded Oracle 10gR2 Enterprise Edition to Standard Edition. 
    • Installed and configured 11gR2 Data ware house database for ING Insurance.
    • SQL query optimization and performance tuning for ING Data ware house databases. 
    • Migrating Production database to Development database for ING on IBM AIX.

IGNUS Systems Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, INDIA
Client        :     Bank of India    
Role        :     Oracle DBA        
Duration    :    November 2007 – April 2010
Environment    :     Oracle 9i/10g, Linux, PL/SQL    
                   Bank of India is one of the major in financial banking operating in developing the rural area sector to middle tier business industries across the India with collaboration government of India. 
Key Achievements:-
    • Working with large databases (about 2.5 TB) configured on raw devices, Maintaining and monitoring the database.
    • Scheduling the job for stored procedures which will purge the historical data for reporting purpose and no longer needed in OLTP environment. 
    • Developed Customized stored procedure to automate table partition creation and purge the old partition in OLTP and move the partitions to Archive Systems. 
    • Engaged in planning DR solution, configuration, testing of switch-over and fail-over monitoring log transfer from primary to stand-by in data guard setup.
    • Involved in Planning for backup and recovery strategy of databases using RMAN and VERITAS for tape backups.
    • Analyzing the Indexes and Tables and normal database tuning (like cache hit ratios, waits and latches) using stacks pack / AWR and other 3rd party tool reports.
    • Providing 24X7 supports for production databases.

FLEXE-SOURCE Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore, INDIA
Client        :     Nyku Systems
Role        :     Oracle Developer, Associate DBA
Duration    :    July 2006 – October 2007
Environment    :     Oracle 8/8i, PL/SQL                        

Nyku systems has a wide range of customer base where Nyku systems undertake fully blown application development projects for companies from all sectors of industry.
Key Achievements:-
    • Worked as Oracle 8/8i DBA on UNIX and Windows NT/2000 machines.
    • Responsible for the designing the advance SQL queries, procedure, cursor, triggers, scripts
    • Maintained the documents and create reports for the business analysts and end-users
    • Optimized and modified the triggers, complex store functions, procedures, user base datatype etc
    • Monitoring and managing the database and performing the daily activities.
    • Designing, Creating & managing table spaces, users, tables and views.
    • Participated in planning the backup and recovery of database.(clod backup and export backup)
    • Client interactions give support to the Mandal Revenue Offices.
    • Pumped data into target tables from plain text files / csv files using Sql*loader 

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