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Project Manager



* EU Automotive Asst. Project Manager
Daiichi Integrated Automotive Consulting services – Villanouva D"Asti – Torino
 Manage Meetings and Coordinate different activities of Product Development between CNH,FCA (Italy), NNG (Hungry) and CVTE (China)
 Manage and Coordinate with customer OPEN Points of HW, SW and HMI List on Polarion and problem solving of activities
 Analysis of projects and engineering resources dedicated to meet the technical, timing, plaining and economic objectives
 Manage DV and PV test plan of Products
 Manage and configure Navigation Software system of Multimedia Radios of Vehicles
 Control the quality of Mechanical and Electrical Parts of Products
 Manage Logistics of product from supplier to customer
 Define the technical design guidelines to achieve a product design according to client's requirements (technical, ergonomic, manufacturability, cost and quality requirements)
 Prepare Time plan and schedule Project through MS Project Management Visio

* Jr. Business analyst
Incubation Business Center – Turin – ITALY
 Evaluating business processes, supply chain strategy, anticipating requirements, uncovering areas for improvement, developing and implementing solutions.
 Leading ongoing reviews of business processes and developing optimization strategies.
 Conducting meetings and presentations to share ideas and findings.
 Working closely with clients, technicians, and managerial staff.
 Managing projects, developing project plans, and monitoring performance.
 Updating, implementing and maintaining procedures

* IT Management Officer
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority
 Manage and verification of Cellular grey Traffic in the region
 Trace illegal Telephone Exchanges in the region and report to High Authorities -Responsible for delivering of NOC to Clients
 Monitoring deliverables and ensuring timely completion of projects.

* Regional Project Engineer
China Communication Services LTD
 Schedule project and ensure compliance with estimated cost and timeline using Gantt chart
 Managing the team and monitoring the activities using MS PM visio
 Experience in BTS installations (Base Tower Station), BTS equipment testing
 Monitored process and initial solution for reduce cost of project
 Managing reports and necessary documentation • Cost estimating and developing the budget See less

Management PROJECTS Politechnico Di Torino – TORINO – ITALY
*- Project Management for Startup Industries
This project analyzed the cost, schedule and resource monitoring and control, BOM (Bill of
Material) risk management, uncertainty and contingency management, schedule time and
resources for firms’ complex projects

*- Analysis and Production system of Products
The project is integrated to analysis of the operations structure (PRODUCT TREE, Work
Sequence, scheduling orders, organization chart) to identify main characteristics of the Product

*- Strategic, organizational and Marketing analysis of IKEA, Amazon, Apple,P&G
The project integrate the firm’s business strategy, functional strategies/operations The
external environment and Industry analysis, Evaluating the Firm’s Resources and Capabilities, Fundamentals of Organization Design

English (C2), Italian (B1), Hindi (C2), URDU (C2), Pashto (C2)

Engineering Management Courses
1.Accounting and Finance 2. Economics3. Strategy, Organization and Marketing 4. Project
Management 5. Industrial Economics 6. Financial Engineering 7. Information System 8.
Integrated Manufacturing System 9. Sustainable Manufacturing System 10. Analysis and
Management of Production Systems 11. Innovation and Product development

Electrical Engineering Courses
1.Electric Circuit Analysis 2. Electric Machines 3. Signal and System 4. Electronics 5.
Digital Control System 6.Wireless Communication System 7.Control System and
Automation 8. Analog and Digital Communication System

Microsoft Project Management, Validation tests of HW/SW FCA Vehicles, Configuration,
Installation and recovery of Navigation system SW and OS of Vehicles Radios, MS Project
Management Visio Software, Knowledge of PCB Design, IOT, Testing of Electric Circuits,,
MATLAB, Excellent command of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint,
Outlook, SharePoint), Giant Diagram, Microsoft Project Management

EDISU Piedmont Scholarship Torino, Italy

* Master's Degree in Engineering Management
Politecnico di Torino,Torino,ITALY
Thesis: Global Market For Venture Capital Financing
Research related to VC financing for startup firms and expansion Industries and business. In this
thesis perspectives are integrated in order to show how firms can create more economic value and
profit through appropriate strategic decisions related to market positioning, investments in
technology resources and organization design. The firms use strategic Management process, FIVE
based on resources and capabilities. and also how VCs can get high economic value from Industriesfor business development and process

* Bachelor's Degree in Electrical/Telecommunication Engineer
Comsats University of Information Technology – Islamabad, Pakistan
Thesis: RF Design and Implication of Low Noise Amplifier operating at 900Mhz
Research Related to Design of Low Noise Amplifier circuit design, Optimization and Fabrication of
Low Noise Amplifier by using Software ADS (Advance Design System) to reduce noise at RF receiver
end of mobile phones and increase gain and power

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