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Social Networks applications


Jul 06 –Aug 06 METEKSAN A.Ş., ANKARA Training on Java Programming Learned establishing networks Sep 07 – Feb 07 TRT, ANKARA Web-Programmer Learned Php & Mysql, Created a career page. Oct 09 – Jan 10 Anadolu lisesi web tasarımı Bölümü(istanbul),Instructor (web design) Mar 10 – Jul 10 Mantis Software and Consultancy Company, Software Engineer(hacettepe university Technocity) Mar 11 – Apr 11 Galaksi Agency (Front-End Developer [Javascript,Jquery,css]) Jun 11 – Jul 11 Tempo Agency (Back-End Developer [Procedural php]) Aug 11 – Sep 11 Damla İnsan Kaynakları (Back-End Developer [zend framework & crm ] Sep 11 – Jan 12 Asteknoloji_funtoro [crm (php & mysql)] (ytü technocity) Jan 12 – Feb 15 Enet [joomla,wordpress,opencart] Feb 22 – July 12 ( mvc,mssql,,e-commerce,b2b) Sep 15 – July 18 ( moodle modifications ) Jan 01 – Aug 20 ( Voip systems, Social Networks applications ( twitter, youtube )

PROJECTS Sep 06- Jan 07 TERM PROJECT : ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE This project was based on artificial neural networking. The aim has been to achive image recognition by using artificial neural networks. The receiving image (logos of universities) were transformed gif images. After the transformation each image was given ann.After training , that ann has been used for recognising the given images which were given before and to recognise the new ones. June 07- Aug 07 TERM PROJECT : LEARNING PHP AND MYSQL Php and MySQL have been learned on this project. The aim was to make a career page. There were two main pages: one was a career page and the second one was an admin page. Any person who seeks a job could login to the system and the admin could post a new job or delete them.The admin could make many queries . Feb 07- May 07 GRAPH THEORY : MINIMUM SPANNING TREES AND ITS APPLICATIONS A wide variety of problems are solved by finding a spanning tree in a weighted graph such that the sum of the weights of the edges in the tree is a minimum.I have implemented given algorithms(kruskal,prim) so that I have found a MST given any graph. June 02- Sep 02 OBSERVING : BINARY STARS AND O-C ANALYSES I participated in an observation crew in order to observe binary stars and their orbit parameters (such as t, a, r parameters etc.). We could interfere these from o-c analysis. We had to make many degradings to find these. Feb 07- May 07 ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE : GAME PROGRAMMING Artificial intelligence have been learned on this project.The aim was to use AI algorithms such as A*.There was one server.There were two algorithms.After the game starts , these two algorithms begin racing. June 07- Aug 07 GRAPH :OPENGL OpenGl and several algorithms have been learned on this project.The aim was to sketch shape by using opengl libraries. Mar 10 – Apr 10 Content Management System have been achieved.CMS-based portal has been realized. GUI constructed by using css and elgg. Learned Exalead “Searching Machine Application” and its techniques. Prepared some newsletters, learned e-mail managing. Dec 10 – Feb 11 C#,.net,,t-sql,sql,mySql, Many programs have been written via c# such as games,learned,,t-sql,mySql,Microsoft Sql server 2008. Mar 11 – Apr 11 Mobile Site For Ipad,Tablets,Iphone,Android Cross Browser Mobile Site have been achived.Used javascript,css,adobe illustrator and photoshop. Jun 11 – Jul 11 Web Sites Many Web Sites have been written using php language. Jul 11 – Aug 11 Crm Costumer Relationship Management modules have been written using zend framework (mvc pattern),css,jquery,javascript languages. Sep 11 – jan 12 R&D Projects we were working on CRM systems with parallel Taiwan team.I was using micro accounting program on this project. I researched whole system diagnostics and constructed algorithm for system errors. I was working on CRM of this system.

SKILL SET Creative, self-confident and innovative Problem solver, good listener, positive and outside-the-box thinker with a strong sense of empathy Precise and overrate for job to done at given duration English(normal),Turkish(native) Computer knowledge: Java, C#(middle level),.net(beginner level),,javascript,Jquery, Android(beginner level),Php MVC(codeigniter,laravel),Php, MySql, NodeJs(beginner level),Angular(Beginner level), Proficiency in MS Office applications, Willingness to travel anywhere, anytime 

ACADEMIC BACKGROUND Sept 02 – aug 07 BAŞKENT UNIVERSITY, B.S. in COMPUTER ENGINEERING Accomplished 1 High-Honor, 2 Honors degree semesters Sept 98 – June 04 ANKARA UNIVERSITY, B.S. in ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCE

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