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DBA Oracle Senior


Da 21 anni in oracle con competenze in design di architetture semplici e in alta affidabilità, performance and tuning e strategie di backup and recovery 

I. Education
        1. Degree
Secondary School Technical Institute 1990
        2. Professional Training
Programmer    C programming language
Programmer    Cobol CICS and Db2
Programmer    Oracle Forms and Report
IAS        Ias in High Availabilty
Database     New Features from Release 7.3.4 until release 12.1

II. Experience
        1. Background
Oracle Italy employee since 1998. In the early years I improved the basic knowledge of Oracle Databases. Later with the introduction of new technologies I studied and achieved an excellent knowledge of Rac, Dataguard, Rman on complex architectures.
From January 1996 to October 1998 I’ve worked as freelance in Bank of Italy improving my knowledge as Database administrator.
From December 1994 to December 1995 I’ve reached experience in programming with Forms 3.0 and RPT with Studio Staff  s.r.l.  in Telecom Italy site.
        2. Profile References
With ORACLE Italy S.r.l from 1998
Technical Manager Italy DB&Platform    
Bank of Italy, 2011-2018
    The project involve technical assistance to Oracle products, installing configuring and planning architecture for the customer.  Configuring, Installing, maintain, patching database in Maximum High Availability. Backup and recovery procedure for more than 300 Databases from release 8.1.7 until release 12.2

Technical Expert Core Technology    Bank of Italy, 1998-2011
    The project involved technical assistance to Oracle products and installing configuring and planning architecture for the customer from release 6.0.36 until release 8.1.7 

With TCD from Jan-1996  until Oct-1998
Junior Database Administrator    Bank of Italiy, 1996 –  DBA
RDBMS    Database administrator using Oracle rdbms rel.6.0.36 and 7.1.5 on Vax VMS. I’ve reached a lot of experience within rdbms Oracle and tools like Forms 4.5 and Reports.
With Studio Staff S.r.l from Dec-1994 until Dec-1995
Junior programmer    Telecom, 1995 –  LABCOST
The project is about to manage the Labour Costs. I produced some reports and forms to manage and show all costs involving every person for each projects in the customer organization. I used Sql*forms 3.0 and RPT on IBM Os2 and rbms 6.0.36.

    III. Personal Details
        1. Language Capabilities
Good knowledge of English language , written and spoken    
    IV. Computer Systems Summary
IBM AIX, Oracle Exadata    
Operating Systems:
VMS, unix AIX, Microsoft, Linux, Oracle Linux
6.0.36, 7.X, 8.X, 9.X, 10G,11G, 12C
Case Tools:
3GL Programming:
Cobol, Pascal, C, pl*Sql

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