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Automation Engineer


Automation Engineer Intern THALES ALENIA SPACE ITALIA Aeronautics, aerospace, shipbuilding ROMA (RM) 07/2017 ‐ 10/2018 Main activities and responsibilities: -Definition,design and implementation of a proof-of-concept to test an advanced interference localization technique for satellite communication systems. -Preparing the simulation and the technical documentation associated with the activity. Employed as: intern/trainee – internship | Company sector: Engineering and design

Instrumentation Engineer ARAMCO FOR CARLO GAVAZZI ARABIA Energy, gas, water, mining engineering JEDDAH (SAUDI ARABIA) 12/2013 ‐ 05/2015 Main activities and responsibilities: -Leader of Pre – commissioning Team and Involved with commissioning activities. -Maintenance & Calibration of Transmitters-PT,LT,TT,DPT (Rosemount,Yokogawa,Vega,Foxboro,Honeywell). -Calibration and Loop check of Foundation Fieldbus Instruments and HART based Instruments. -Maintenance and calibration of pneumatic control valves (Blackborough,Flowserve,Valtek,Masoneilan) and motorized valves (Auma matic & Auto tork). -Maintenance and calibration of orifce plate flow meters (Rosemount) & gas turbine flow meters. -Configuring,Calibration and Function Test of Combustible Gases,Hydrogen Sulphide and Oxygen analyzer of Intelligent Monitors associated with Honeywell FGS system. -Function Test,Loop check and Commissioning of all the DCS and BMS Instruments. Acquired skills and achieved objectives: -Function Test,Loop Check and Commissioning of all the ESD Instruments Including Hand Switch,Lamps,MOV,Solenoid Valves,Ball Valves etc associated With YOKOGAWA Prosafe. -Attending the safety regulation meetings involving safetly analysis like HAZOP/HAZID,PHA,FMEA,ATEX,LOPA,SIL and recommending SIF in case of any discrepancies to achieve the client demanded SIL level. -Function testing,Calibration and Loop Check of COEN boiler elements and Ignitor transformers. -Function Test, Calibration and Loop Check of all the PLC Instruments Associated with Siemens and ABB System. -Function Test, Calibration and Loop Check of all the FGS Instruments Associated with Honeywell C300. -Assisting in the quality analysis,quality control,quality management and quality control of all the instruments and equipment in the plant and along with preparing its supporting technical documentation. -Basic knowledge in Plant design and planning using various softwares. -Erection of control room panels,termination wiring,cable laying (transmitters,valves,switches,ethernet,fiber optic) and installation of transmitters and valves using the hook-up diagram. -Knowledge of Smart Plant Instrumentation(SPI). -Preparing specific instrument and equipment technical data sheets as a sales engineer,to prepare tenders,bids and proposals to purchase materials. -Preparation of technical support documents(operations and maintenance manual,archiving etc),slides and appropriate training provided for the clients. -Vendor and Client Relation and Communication,Representing the Company. Employed as: office worker – short term agency contact | Company sector: Engineering and design

Junior Instrumentation Engineer LIQUEFIED NATURAL GAS(LNG) TERMINAL FOR OPAC COCHIN INDIA Engineering and precision mechanics ERNAKULAM (KERALA,INDIA) 01/2012 ‐ 03/2013 Main activities and responsibilities: -Calibration of Flow,Pressure,Temperature and level transmitters using HART Communicator and EMERSON 475 Communicator using Druck,Temperature Calibrator,Decade box etc. -Experience in Loop test,Panel Wiring of DCS (HONEYWELL EXPERION PKS). -Supervision of Instrument installation,cable laying,Junction Box installation,Inspection,Calibration,Loop checking,Site Acceptance Test(SAT/FAT). – Hands-on experience with field instruments like Smart Transmitters,Control Valves,I/P Converters, Thermocouples and Level Transmitters. -Hands-on experience with Flow measurement,Pressure measure,Temperature measurement,Level and analyzing measurement techniques. -Hands on experience in configuration,testing,calibration and loop checking of FOUNDATION FIELDBUS transmitters,HART transmitters and control valves. Acquired skills and achieved objectives: –Worked with different types of turbines including steam and hydraulic turbines. -Worked with heat exchangers like Shell Tube Vaporizer(STV),Submerged Combustion Vaporizer(SCV) and regenerators. –Involved with system plant Start – up and Pre -Commissioning activities. -Handled instruments like pressure valves(ball valve,butterfly valve,check valve,globe valve,hydraulic/pneumatic valve,solenoid valve) of flowserve,different type of transistors,RTD's,gauges and its associated maintenance. -Involved in Commissioning Activities including Function Test,SAT.FAT and boiler start-up. -Designing,Implementing and Commissioning of new control loops as per site requirements. -Review of control philosophy,P&ID,cause & effect diagrams,Instruments list, flow chart. -Familiar with engineering standards ISA,IEEE,ASTM,NAMUR,ASMI,ANSI,NEMA,IEC. -Technical Support for the Instrumentation team. -Experienced in the field instruments and control systems procurement activities. -Spares balance investigation and inventory control for all instruments spare parts. -Knowledge of HONEYWELL DCS-EXPERION PKS and PLC Safety Manager Controller. -Checking and verifying the P&ID,electrical circuit,instrument datasheet,instrument list,hardwire logic diagram and I/O list. Employed as: office worker – short term agency contact | Company sector: Engineering and design other information Currently employed: No Registration at the employment office: Yes Work experience made during studies: Yes

ACADEMIC STUDIES MASTER'S DEGREE Sapienza Università di Roma 2015 ‐ 2018 CERTIFIED TITLE Facoltà di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Informatica e Statistica Ingegneria automatica – control engineering LM-25 – 2nd level degree in Automotion engineering Dissertation/thesis title: Definition, Design and Analysis of a Proofof-Concept to Test an Advanced Interference Localization Technique for Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Systems. | Dissertation/thesis subject: CONTROLLI AUTOMATICI | Thesis supervisor: DELLI PRISCOLI FRANCESCO Age at graduation: 32 | Official duration: 2 years Final degree mark: 98/110 Graduation date: 29/10/2018 BACHELOR'S DEGREE 2005 ‐ 2010 INDIA Mahatma Gandhi University Faculty: DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRONICS Bachelors in electronics and instrumentation engineering Dissertation/thesis title: MICRO-CONTROLLER BASED ANNUNCIATION SYSTEM. Age at graduation: 23 | Official duration: 4 years Graduation date: 10/06/2010 TECHNICAL CERTIFICATE 2004 Central Board of Secondary Education(C.B.S.E) India Kind of secondary school diploma: Secondary school diploma taken abroad


SOFT SKILL Autonomy 10/10 Self confidence 10/10 Flexibility/Adaptability 10/10 Resistance to stress 10/10 Ability to plan and organize 9/10 Precision/Attention to details 10/10 Learn continuously 10/10 Achievement of objectives 10/10 Managing information 9/10 Entrepreneurial spirit and initiative 8/10 Communication 9/10 Problem Solving 10/10 Team work 10/10 Leadership 10/10


DIGITAL COMPETENCES BASIC DIGITAL COMPETENCE Operating systems Excellent Programming languages Good Word processing Good Electronic spreadsheet Good Data base administrators Excellent CAD skills Fair Internet skills Excellent Data transmission networks Good Web-site creation Excellent Multimedia Excellent

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