Figura professionale: Front End C# .net, SQL developer, ingegnere informatico

Nome Cognome: G. C.Età: 32
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CV Allegato: Riservato!Categoria CV: Developer / Web dev. / Mobile dev.
Sede preferita: Napoli

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Front End C# .net, SQL developer, ingegnere informatico



02/2019–Present Software developer
Voismart srl, Napoli (Italia)
– developed Interactive Voice Response using python language
– developed connector for authentication using elixir and erlang technologies
– developing visually impaired operator position using C# language

05/2018–Present Social Media Marketer
Management Instagram Profile with Python BOT

05/2018–Present Robotics Teacher
Middle School 'Mameli Zuppetta', Naples

02/2017–06/2017 Internship
Università degli Studi di Napoli, Napoli (Italia)
▪ main tasks: Data Assessment, Artificial Intelligence, IT Security
▪ Data Assessment task performed through applications and methods of Business Intelligence to allow Data Preparation for Data Analysis, Reports and Dashboards to make analytical results
available to business decision makers
▪ Artificial Intelligence task consisted supporting creation of a Diagnostic Prevention System through whole Data Mining process; assisting physicians in Data Extraction process

English B2
Spanish B1

Communication skills 
▪ teamworking
▪ flexibility
▪ brainstorming
▪ problem solving
▪ logical thinking

Organisational / managerial skills 
My individual work, limited in the academic field, allowed me to acquire organizational skills in Identifying Problems and Resources; Analysis, Assessment and Planning of a task/project;

Job-related skills 
▪ Big Data: Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Map-Reduce, Cassandra
▪ Business Intelligence: Microsoft PowerBI, IBM Watson
▪ Information Systems: Odoo
▪ Cloud Platforms: Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, Amazon AWS
▪ Relational Databases: MySQL, Oracle Database, Hybernate, Microsoft Access
▪ NoSQL Databases: MongoDB, Cassandra
▪ Data Analysis: Microsoft Excel, SAS JMP, Sentiment Analysis
▪ Data Mining: Knime, Tensor flow, Python
▪ Embedded: VHDL
▪ Project Modelling: Unified Modeling Language (UML)
▪ Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu, Kali Linux, Android
▪ Programming Languages: SQL,C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Elixir, Erlang
▪ Reporting: LaTEX, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Powerpoint
▪ Systems Engineering (Reliability and Safety Engineering): Failure mode and effects analysis
(FMEA), Fault tree analysis (FTA),
▪ Software Engineering: Requirements Analysis, Design (UML), Development, Testing
▪ Software Development: Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Visual Studio, Eclipse,
PyCharm, Git, GitLab
▪ Social Media Marketing: Management Instagram profiles, Python BOT
▪ Virtualization: VM Ware, Virtual Box
▪ Parallel Processing: MPI, OpenMP, Map-Reduce

Prioritization, compliance with the Deadlines and Presentation to the client.

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