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Data Analyst


Teaching Assistant: Sapienza University (*)

·         Tutor for the Programming Methodologies Course for Math Students with Java and C

Stage, Research Assistant: RFIDLAB, Sapienza University (15/09/2017–Now)

·         Identify sources of data, which can lead to solutions

·         Assess and validate the quality of different models

·         Utilized/leveraged data analysis and statistical modeling algorithms for solving current business problems.

·         Performed both advanced qualitative and quantitative analysis of high volume data bases as a means to identify developing trends, patterns and correlations that could improve overall business performance.

·         Analyzed data and endeavored to understand existing operational processes in order to develop and recommend actionable solutions.

·         Cleaned noisy and inhomogeneous social media data taken over four years by different observing groups.

·         Utilized numerous statistical techniques, including sensitivity analysis on non-linear propagation of
errors, Markov-Chain Monte Carlo for model building, and hypothesis testing via information criterion.

Python Developer: Ferdowsi Group, Mashhad, Iran (01/12/2013–01/09/2016)

·         Engineering professional with more than 3 years of experience in Python and SQL

·         Responsible for creating the customer’swebsites and accounting softwares.

·         Working as a Python developer on integration and analytics based on Hadoop, SOLRand methodologies.

·         Wrote Python routines to log into the websites and fetch data for selected options.

·         Used python to extract weeklyFlight and Hotel information from XML and Json files.

·         Collecting, Assessing, Cleaning and Storing data from different sources using libraries like Beautifulsoap.

·         Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries using Python MySQL connector and MySQL dB.

·         Proficiency in writing SQL queries, tables, view, functions, triggers, stored procedures.

·         Used Pandas API to put the data as time series and tabular format for data manipulation and retrieval.

·         Create and write result reports in different formats like txt, csv, xls, and JSon.

·         Worked on CSV files while trying to get input from the MySQL database.

·         Strong, in-depth knowledge of REGEX like extracting Email, and URL from text.

·         Strong, in-depth knowledge of TEXT preprocessing.

·         Develop and present data and insights to management.



Master of science in Computer Science

Rome (Italy)

Dissertation Topic: Authorship Verification in Social Media

Supervisor: Prof. Alessandro Mei


GPA: 110+/110

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Zanjan University, Zanjan (Iran)

Dissertation Topic: Simulation/manipulation of AODV & DSR ad-hoc Routing Protocols

Supervisor: Dr. Hosein Mohammadi



Associate Degree in Computer Science

Khayyam Higher Education Institute, Mashhad (Iran)

Dissertation Topic: Implementation of a Virtual University (Group Project)

Supervisor: Dr. Hosein Deldari


·         Data Scientist – Udacity

·         Deep Learning –  Udacity

·         Machine Learning –  Udacity

·         Data visualization withTableau – Udacity

·         Data Wrangling using MangoDB –  Udacity

 Personal Skills and Projects

  • CareerCon Competition on Kaggle scored top 5%
  • House Price Prediction on Kaggle scored top 1%
  • Authorship Verification in social media. Doing some feature engineering for model to be more accurate
  • Implementation of LazioDISU dormitory management system by WEBRATIO
  • Predicting Forest Cover Type with accuracy more than 94%.
  • Modeling of Interlocking Railway Systems using NuXMV (dynamic and static)
  • Create and Analyze of a Research Network Using Google Scholar AP
  • Calendar change – application developed by SWIFT
  • Remember the word – application developed by SWIFT
  • Dynamic and Static Security Assessment (Prefast, SAL)


Mother tongue(s)


Foreign language(s)

English: Fluent

Italian: Intermediate

German: Basic

Azerbaijani: Advanced

Arabic: Basi

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