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Syste**** Ad****inistrator Cu**** Cyber Security


Personal state****ent

A highly experienced and co****petent IT Security Engineer with 3 years experience in a variety of office
based environ****ents. Continuous learner with a passion for innovation in security risk ****anage****ent to
drive botto****-line business contributions opti****izes security invest****ents, avoid losses fro**** security
incidents, enhance business decision-****aking, and reduce corporate liability. Exceptional levels of integrity,
work ethic, and drive to achieve. 

Core skills
 Expertise and knowledge of databases, networks, hardware, firewalls and encryption. In-depth
knowledge in Web application, database, scripting and reverse engineering.
 OWASP top attacks with their detection and preventions techniques.Different types of Security
Audit, Penetration testing, Vulnerability Assess****ents and Techniques, Counter****easures for social
engineering to identify the risk.
 Well in all security tools and ****ethodology as per standards and co****plete knowledge of
Networking, Firewalls, IDS, Vulnerability Analysis, and ****alware Analysis.
 Fully experienced in providing and ****aintaining IT Infrastructure across large networks. Co****plete Inhouse support to the end user and the project tea****.
 Co****prehensive knowledge in the Windows, Linux, and Business tools environ****ent. ****onitoring of
SLA and participation in incident and proble**** ****anage****ent.

Technical Certifications
 Certified Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH V 10 ) –EC Council
 CCNA/****CSA Certification – Cisco and ****icrosoft
 Kali Linux And Web App Penetration Testing – Cybrary
 ****alware Analysis and Reverse Engineering – Cybrary

E****ploy****ent history
Cyber Security Intern – Codec Networks (Feb-2018 – ****arch-2019)
 Secure the financial and personal infor****ation, and block intruders fro**** accessing and divulging
proprietary data.
 Constant ****onitoring and analysis of individual vulnerable to verify the har****fulness and infiltration
of their co****puter syste****s.
 Protect websites and networks fro**** cyber threats such as ****alware, denial-of-service attacks, hacks
and viruses.
 Risk assess****ent and internal auditing based on cyber security standards and evaluate risk in
technology delivered areas.
 Data Security investigations surrounding access, vulnerability, network security, operating syste****,
database and 3rd party application. 

IT Support Engineer – Tho****as Cook India Ltd (Oct-2016 – Feb-2018)
Working in a busy office environ****ent, leading the technical support tea**** of over 250 e****ployees
 Being first point of call for all IT issues and Best practices and knowledge in ITS****/ITIL.
 Logging faults and ****anaging response ti****es and Asset ****anage****ent.
 Diagnosing and resolving proble****s efficiently (Both H/W and S/W )
 ****aintaining the integral security of business networks and Application Environ****ent.
 Ensuring all hardware operates at its opti****u**** level with latest updates and patches.
 Distributing relevant jobs to junior staff ****e****bers and providing support when required
 Daily ****aintenance in Printer, Scanner, Xerox ****achine and Networking co****ponents.

Custo****er Support – Avantha Groups (April 2015 – Nove****ber 2015)
 ****anning the Help desk and providing instant solutions to the Custo****ers
 Running diagnostic checks and servicing essential Electronics Equip****ent’s

Skills in Tools
Operating Syste**** : Linux (Kali, Ubuntu, Santoku, Android), Windows (7, 10, Server 2012)
Scripting Language : Java Script, HT****L, PHP, Python, jQuery, SQL, and Ruby
VAPT Tools : Nessus, Qualys, Burp Suite Pro, OWASP Zap Proxy, ****etasploit, N****AP,
 Nikto, Google Dorks, Enu****eration Tools, IDA Pro, Wireshark, Ettercap,Hydra
 NetCraft, SET, LOIC, Aircrack-ng, Wifite, Kfsensors, SQL****ap, and Virus Total.
Virtualization Tool : V**** Ware, Virtual Box, Geny ****otion E****ulator
Analysis Technique : OWASS Top 10, White Hat Hacker concepts
Other Tools : Re****ote Tools, Incident ****anage****ent Tools (ITIL), Switches/Routers/Firewall
 VoIP, ****cAfee Endpoint Security, SSL VPN, WSUS Patch Updates, FTP

P.S.V College of Engineering and Technology (2010 – 2014)
B.Tech Infor****ation Technology – 70 %
T.V.H.S School (2009 – 2010)
Higher Secondary School (12th ) – 53.5%
Govt. High School (2007-2008)
Secondary School (10th ) – 81.6 %

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