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Junior IOS Developer


A junior software developer with 2 years of experience in iOS and database development. A
passionate and communicative developer who specializes in object-oriented programming
languages. A 2019 Computer Science graduate of San Diego City College interested in Machine
Learning and iOS development. I will be living in Milan starting from August 8th.

• Passionate for iOS Development
• Proficiency in Swift, Git, XCode
• Fluent in English both written and oral
• Abilities in Firebase, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Realm, SQL, BASH and Sketch
• A strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills

Associate Degree of Science (Computer Science and Engineering). San Diego City College (San
Diego, CA) 

San Diego City College January 2019 – Major in “Computer Sciences and Information”. Emphasis
on OOP (Object-Oriented programming). The College is part of San Diego Community District
and counts around 20 000 students.
• iOS Development: Successfully developed an iOS development roadmap (creating displays,
linking objects, implementing functionalities used to create iOS applications)
•Proficiency in Swift, Git and XCode: Getting certificated from the London App Brewery Lab,
leader in App mobile formation, for completing the “Complete IOS App Development Course”.
Thought this online formation, Angela Yu gives all the tools and tips in order to become fluently
programming in Swift using XCode and Git.

• Abilities in Firebase, Cocoa Touch, Core Data, Realm, SQL, BASH language, Sketch: Learning
some of the most useful tools and methods which allow the user to store, persist and save data
using the application. Also, learning the command line and shortcut which permit to install and
commit faster, easier, safer some Swift libraries in order to customize the application
programming process.
• Fluent in English both written and oral: Student in the Education First campus based in San
Diego to January 2017 to November 2018. EF is the worldwide leader in linguistic stay and has
allowed me to reach the “C2 proficiency English” level at the end of my formation in November
• A strong communicator with excellent interpersonal skills: Making all kind of speech
persuasive and informative related to the software development field. The course is composed
of 20 participants per class (January 2019 to May 2019), using the “Stand-ups “method in order
to make IOD developers agile.


SeeFood App – Lead Developer: Developed an IOS application using a visual recognition
module able to classify and identify pictures. The application uses a pre-trained Machine
Learning Model provided by Google. This application has been made in Mach 2019.

Flash Chat App – Lead Developer: Create a cloud-based database to power your very own chat
application. Using the “Firebase” tool, this clone of “What’s app’ allows users to send messages
between them doing persistent data method. This application has been completed in April

Todoey App – Lead Developer: An “todolist” IOS application which allows the users to create
categories and to associate tasks to it. Code base uses Core Data/Realm, Objective-C, Git and
MySQL. This application has been published May 2019.

Bitcoin Ticker App – Lead Developer: Make an IOS application which permits the users to
check in real time the value of a Bitcoin (crypto money) in several currencies. This uses an API
key: a networking method which directly relates the application to Internet in order to reach
the Bitcoin value data.

Programming Languages: Swift (Advanced), Objective C (Intermediate), Python (Intermediate),
R (Intermediate) and PHP for Databasing (Intermediate).

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