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PHP Senior Developer / Team Leader


CTO + Senior PHP Developer (Feries S.r.l.)

2018 – present &
Same activities as 2012-2018 as team leader, now with a team of 14 people on 2 projects with European visibility
On the operating board, together with the CEO, COO and CPO to define the strategy and technological direction of the company

Team Leader + Senior PHP Developer (in S.p.A. + Feries S.r.l.)

2012 – 2018

Responsible for the creation, improvement and development of IT project strategies
Daily management of up to 8 developers and designers to achieve strategic business objectives Senior PHP Developer within the backend development team
In the product team to better define the specifications at the business and at the technological level

Full stack developer + Partner 2open ( Web Service Internet Solutions S.r.l. )

2005 – 2012

Co-founder of the company and lead developer in these projects:
BULGARI – international extranet for the management of ATL/BTL advertising
Alitalia – “Purchasing Gate”
EuroFly S.p.A. – Purchasing gate
Italiana Costruzioni S.p.A. – corporate extranet
Eli Lilly Italia S.p.A. – informative portal
FAO Globefish – corporate site
De Cecco S.p.A. – extranet for the management of ATL/BTL advertising
Wind Telecomunicazioni S.p.A. – extranet for the management of ATL/BTL advertising
Renault – extranet for the management of the Renault fleet in Rome
SMA – Extranet for shop assistants and checkouts
Many others, such as Università degli studi di Roma Tor Vergata, CRN, ADI, Comune di Labico, Novigos S.p.A., …

Freelance web developer + Teacher

1999 – 2004

• 1 year teaching for a course in PHP/MySQL at the Heinrich Herz Industrial Technical Institute in Rome
• 2 years teaching for a basic computer science course taken at the "Villa Sora" high school in Frascati (RM)
• Creation of several dynamic sites for local entities, such as the site of the "Villa Sora" school, the AIKO cultural sports association, the engineering company Farc Italia S.r.l. and many others.

Skills Management Skills: Team management Business process improvement Strategic planning Project scheduling Technical Skills: Operative Systems: MacOS, Linux, Windows Backend knowledge: PHP, SQL, ORM (Doctrine & Propel), REST, SOAP, Memcache(d), Redis, … Frontend knowledge: HTML, CSS, vanilla Javascript, jQuery, … RAD Framework: Symfony SQL Database: MySQL (Oracle, MariaDB, Percona), PostgreSQL Debug & Test: X-debug, phpunit, Selenium IDE: PHPStorm, Komodo, Netbeans, Eclipse Server: Full knowledge of LAMP & LEMP stack, Docker, Vagrant. Good knowledge of the linux shell/bash environment SEO: A lot of technical knowledge Graphics software: Adobe Suite

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